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The public image of a business is a priceless asset. Over the past years, I have had the opportunity of working with different companies as a press officer and spokesperson.


I also had the chance to be in charge of managing media interaction, creating press releases, and dealing with the local and national press in Brazil during my time working at the Estate Government under the Environmental Secretary and Sustainability. The goal at that time was to create a different platform that could communicate with both internal and external audiences. That was when my team and I created a TV News channel, called TV Semas, with several short newscasts with headlines related to environmental and political news. The productions were aired on Youtube, Facebook and on the State's TV, and became a standard by which other State's secretaries implemented similar programs. 


Once I moved to the United States, I had the chance to represent Valencia College in several leadership conferences as a member of the Campus Activities Board. Due to those opportunities, I could talk to audiences about the experience of working on campus, the challenges of being an international student in the States, and all the possibilities that Valencia College can provide to students.


Under that position, and together with the Public Relations department, I managed to establish an overall pattern for flyers, social media posts, internal videos, presentations, and other strategies to reinforce the importance of Student Development to creating a welcoming environment in the community. Those efforts lead me to receive a certification of recognition sponsored by Valencia College. 

"Geovany is a professional that will surprise you in many ways. He will show you unique loyalty, will remain open to face new challenges and will make you feel like working with someone so dedicated. Hiring Geovany is sure to have not only an excellent professional but a partner who always strives to do the best, regardless of any circumstance" - Naiana Gaby, journalist and former chief of the Communications Department at Pará State Government.

"Geovany is super savvy when it comes to brand messaging and communications, incredibly friendly, fastidious and always ready to learn. Geo has a wide range of abilities at his disposal from using the latest business solutions, to interacting and connecting with different groups to speaking different languages. Any marketing or storytelling operation would be lucky to have him on their side" - Jimmy Sherfey, digital marketing strategist. Former PR coordinator at Valencia College.