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Digital marketing is fundamental. In today's market, it is nearly impossible to succeed in maintaining and growing a business without understanding the power of social media and internet-based relations.


As a Marketing Specialist, I have worked with companies in Brazil and the United States to provide the best online strategies to reach target audiences in order to engage and interact with potential consumers. I am a certified social media professional by Hootsuite Academy and along the past years, I have had the opportunity to work as a digital content director for various companies, such as TV stations, federal companies, estate secretaries, and health-related businesses like nutritionist companies, plastic surgery, and physiotherapists.


All this work became possible after I released my own digital media company, at the age of 22, in which I managed data reports, graphic design, videography, and photography. Together with my team, I managed up to 12 different brands in social media. 


Currently, my digital media company is based in Brazil providing communication services mainly for start-up and small businesses. The learning and market experience gathered from both my Masters diploma and previous positions allows me to be in a comfortable position to create and operate digital marketing strategies, overall marketing plans, SEO operation, data analysis, and reports using programs such as Adobe for design creation and image manipulation (Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, Audition, Premiere & After Effects). 




"Geovany took on the primary role as the marketing coordinator across all of Student Development West Campus. He worked tirelessly to create flyers, improve our social media, and market all of our events. He is extremely gifted in communications and marketing. From his work you can see he has a high level of experience in this field. It is rare to meet who is so talented, organized, driven, enthusiastic, and results-oriented" - Katie Rollins, Program Advisor, Valencia College.

"After five years working as a realtor in Florida I had the necessity of having a skilled professional that could guide my business through the complicated world of Digital Marketing. Geovany hunts for data and smartly uses them to create the best strategy for my business. Our team has become stronger and better-oriented thanks to his work" - Denise Batista, Florida Realtor.