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My career as broadcaster started at the age of 17 when I used to work in an affiliate of Brazil's largest TV network, TV Globo.


Throughout the almost 5 years I worked in this company, I had the opportunity to be a TV Producer and work with entertainment productions, live production, breaking news reporting, niche journalism (such as politics and economy), and investigative journalism. 

Furthermore, I also worked at Record TV, the second largest in the country, as National Producer. My position was a country-wide task as I used to produce national headlines. During my path in this company, I had the opportunity to develop news reports on a daily basis and deal with issues that influence the whole country including major corruption cases, Amazon deforestation, emblematic murder stories, and so on. 


In my reel, which you can see by clicking on the image to the right, I have selected a few of my past jobs along with mock TV stories, in Portuguese, English, and Spanish. 


Disclaimer: the Spanish and English news stories are only for portfolio purposes. I have not worked on any of the TV stations presented. 


"Geovany Dias stands out for being a professional who is always in search of what is behind the news. Owner of an attentive and assertive look, he is a journalist who mastered the art of going in-depth to seeking the correct information necessary to the targeted audience" - Viviane Melem, journalist and chief-editor at Record TV.

"Geovany worked as a journalism producer and he was always organized and dedicated to doing the best. Geovany also showed ease in learning the internal processes of our organization. During the whole period, he proved to be a suitable person with a strong potential for growth. There is nothing that belittles his competence and honesty. I highly recommend Geovany as an excellent and versatile professional" - Lena Nery, Journalist and General Supervisor of Journalism at Record TV.