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My career as broadcaster started at the age of 17 when I used to work in an affiliate of Brazil's largest TV network, TV Globo.

Throughout the almost 5 years I worked for TV Globo, I had the opportunity to work with entertainment productions, live production, breaking news reporting, niche journalism (such as politics and economy), and investigative journalism. 



Digital marketing is fundamental. In today's market, it is nearly impossible to succeed in maintaining and growing a business without understanding the power of social media and internet-based relations.


As a Marketing Specialist, I have worked with companies in Brazil and the United States to provide the best online strategies to reach target audiences in order to engage and interact with potential consumers. 



The public image of a business is a priceless asset. Over the past years, I have had the opportunity of working with different companies as a press officer and spokesperson.

I also had the chance to be in charge of managing media interaction, creating press releases, and dealing with the local and national press in Brazil during my time working at the Estate Government under the Environmental Secretary and Sustainability.